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Trump claims victory Emoluments Clause court case, but he’s not telling you the whole truth (or, is just too ignorant to realize it)

On Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump took to Twitter, claiming victory in the ongoing legal battle regarding whether or not his political profiteering violates the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution is officially over.

Technically speaking, he isn’t completely wrong, as there was a court ruling that went in his favor when the Appeals Court tossed the Emoluments Clause case that had been brought by Maryland and Washington DC.

However, that battle was aimed at proving that Trump’s violations were harming competing businesses in Maryland and the D.C. area, and had nothing to do with the main Emoluments Clause battle against him.

You see, what Trump failed to acknowledge or mention while claiming victory in his tweet is that the main Emoluments Clause case is coming from Democrats in Congress. And since Congress carries much greater weight than any state would over the presidency, this is the case that should have his and everyone else’s attention, not the one he is pounding his chest over.

Whether Donald Trump realizes this or is intentionally playing dumb for his supporters remains to be seen. Regardless, do not be distracted or fooled by his antics. They’re premature at best, as the main Emoluments Clause battle is far from over, and is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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