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Trump Completely Silent After NYPD Fact Checks His Lie To America

The New York Police Department was not happy with Donald Trump’s bringing his constant touting of “stop and frisk” laws to the debate stage.  So they did something about it.

The laws, in practice under former NYC Mayor and current Trump stumper Rudy Giuliani, were deemed unconstitutional long ago, mostly because they were applied in a way that overwhelmingly and unfairly target African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities.

Trump says the law worked, but Hillary was quick to set Donald straight that murders and crime have fallen under the current NYC Mayor DeBlasio long after “stop and frisk” was ruled unconstitutional. Of course, Trump interjected saying “murders are up” over and over again.

However,the Assistant Commissioner for Communication & Public Information of the NYPD, J. Peter Donald, live tweeted his fact-checking of  Trump’s talk on crime in NYC during the debate:
screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-11-14-44-am screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-11-14-59-am

Trump is clearly trying to present himself as “tough on crime,” but he’s very poorly prepared and didn’t do any research before the debate on this issue, because his numbers and stats just simply are not accurate.

This is nothing more than Trump playing on the fears and prejudices of many of his supporters that are white supremacists and racists, who are eating these lies up.

We’re glad someone at the NYPD has the stones to call him out on these blatant lies and misleading statements.

H/T Occupy Democrats

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