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Trump: Forcing Employees to Vow Allegiance to Him is Appropriate

Trump has done some surprising things, but one of the most shocking was what he did BEFORE he fired James Comey. Apparently, Trump had Comey come to the White House for a private dinner during which he wanted Comey to swear allegiance to him and when he didn’t all of America saw what happened.

Trump told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro “I don’t think it’s inappropriate,” when he was questioned about it, which further solidifies the opinion of several top U.S. psychologists that Trump suffers from pathological narcissism.

While he says didn’t ask didn’t ask Comey for his allegiance, he sees nothing wrong with the idea of asking for it. Sorry, Trump, but you are WAY out of line with this thinking. It’s the FBI director’s job to actually do their job, not to be loyal to you and cover your tracks.

When pressed about his tweet suggesting he had recorded meetings with Comey he said, “That I won’t talk about. I can’t talk about that.”

Then in yet another fun Trump twist he said,  “All I want is for Comey to be honest, and I hope he will be, and I’m sure he will be,” Trump said. “I hope.”

Trump must be tripping on acid. His rants are those of a lunatic and his actions make little sense.

Here’s part of the train wreck interview:

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