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Trump Gives The Lamest Excuse You’ve Ever Heard For Losing To Hillary

Donald Trump was thoroughly trounced in the first of three presidential debates on Monday night.

Of course, in reality, it’s because he is just trying to yell and interrupt his way into the White House, while Hillary was cool, calm and collected as she carefully and thoughtfully spoke of healthcare, the economy, foreign policy and whatever else she spoke of.

But in Donald Trump’s strange reality, there was another reason he lost the debate. Wait for it….

He was given a defective microphone.



No, Donald, we could your loud mouth just fine.  We heard you every time you shouted over both Clinton and Lester Holt, so rudely and unprofessionally interrupting.

It’s time for Donald Trump to stop blaming everything and everybody EXCEPT his own ignorant, bullying and clueless campaign strategies for why he is constantly outsmarted by Hillary Clinton.

One of those debaters last night looked, acted and spoke in a presidential manner.  The other is Donald Trump.

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