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Trump has a total public meltdown and now wants people prosecuted

Last week Attorney General William Barr basically admitted that Donald Trump instructed him to open up criminal investigations into Trump’s enemies. Trump then announced that he thinks former Secretary of State John Kerry should be prosecuted for violating the Logan Act. This is interesting on many levels.

The Logan Act forbids United States citizens from negotiating directly with foreign governments, to the detriment of the United States government. No one has ever been successfully prosecuted for it. This issue first came up when Michael Flynn and other Trump transition team members violated it by directly negotiating with the Kremlin to undermine sanctions.

Flynn cut a deal, so we never even got that far, but other members of Trump’s team could be currently under investigation for all we know. The fact that Trump thinks John Kerry should be investigated for his talks with Iran is laughable.

John Kerry did not violate the Logan Act, so why is Trump mentioning it? Trump has shared his thoughts on this before, but it fell on deaf ears. Now with William Barr as his Attorney General, Trump feels he can get away with about anything. Barr is already facing potential charges for being held in contempt of Congress and perjury or even obstruction of justice. Barr will be playing defense for the rest of his career. Is he really going to be willing to chase another goose for Trump?

The reason Trump is bringing this up is quite clear, in my opinion. Mueller is going to be testifying in front of America very soon. House Dems are going to push until his report is public. Trump is so afraid that everyone is about to see just how many of his people violated the Logan Act that he’s trying to distract from the inevitable. He’s also trying to distract from the fact that his Attorney General is being held in contempt of Congress. Trump can try to throw up distractions all day long, but bottom line is it’s not going to work.

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