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Trump Has Made History! Accomplishes Embarrassing Feat No Other President in History Ever Could

Popular vote loser Donald Trump likes to boast about how his administration has accomplished more than any other President in such a short period of time.  Despite the fact that he’s actually accomplished very, very little in terms of policy and legislation, he continues to make the claim.

Well, Trump did reach a new landmark for his presidency, and it’s quite an accomplishment: he hit, and passed, the 1000 lies mark.

The Washington Post’s list of Trump’s false and misleading statements now stands at 1,057:

That’s an impressive number by any standard. In fact, we are a little late with this update because we have simply been overwhelmed keeping track of the deluge of claims made by the president in the later part of July. Things slowed down during the president’s “working vacation,” so we have finally been able to catch up.

Trump of course lies about everything, but some of his lies get special treatment in the amount of times he repeats them:

Trump’s most repeated claim, uttered 50 times, was some variation of the statement that the Affordable Care Act is dying and “essentially dead.” The Congressional Budget Office has said that the Obamacare exchanges, despite well-documented issues, are not imploding and are expected to remain stable for the foreseeable future.

His second most repeated lie?  That he has brokered deals with companies to bring jobs back:

Forty-two times, he has touted that he secured business investments and job announcements that had been previously announced and could easily be found with a Google search.

The post estimated that Trump’s pace in the early days of the presidency was around 4.6 lies per day. He is accelerating pretty rapidly though. And that’s really what you want in a President, right? Someone who can lie at a faster pace than any of his predecessors?

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