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Trump Has More Leaked Audio Problems, It’s Way Worse Than 2005

Lest we forget that Donald Trump is a reality TV star and not an actual politician, there are rumors circulating now that closely guarded video footage from “The Apprentice” includes Trump’s use of the “N” word.

After last weekend’s release of the 2005 video in which Trump was heard bragging about sexual assault, you’d think the public perception of Trump couldn’t get worse.  Just wait.

Former “The Apprentice” crew members, speaking anonymously, have described more of the same kind of talk about the show’s female participants from Trump, including reports that he used to “rank” them based on their breast size.

While that’s not surprising, at least one former producer of the show says it gets much worse, tweeting the following:

Another former crew member said this:

“We have no doubt there are worse tapes out there. Trump has been having a meltdown on Twitter today in order to justify suggesting that it’s OK to sexually assault women if you’re powerful. The GOP presidential nominee’s rape trial is coming. That, too, should be interesting considering he thinks it’s cool to assault women and “grab their p*****s.”

Another former producer says that the cost of releasing these tapes is $5 million, due to the “Mark Burnett” contract they signed, promising they will be fined that much by Executive Producer Mark Burnett should they leak the closely guarded tapes.

Billionaire Mark Cuban has been called on to put up the money to get the tape released…

Burnett is a Trump friend and supporter, so you can be sure he would follow through with the fines.  Someone will put up that money just to get this garbage out in the public. If the “grab them by their p*****s” tape did this much damage to Trump’s campaign, we imagine the “n word” tapes may do far more damage.

H/T Winning Democrats

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