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Trump has tried to hide it, but decades of secrets are about to hit via Subpoena

According to Politico, Tax firm Mazars USA say the are ready to turn over 10 years worth of tax returns belonging to President Donald Trump. Mazars say the want the House Oversight and Reform Committee to issue a subpoena to make the process official.

“Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) told reporters that Mazars USA, a tax and accounting firm, has asked the committee for a so-called ‘friendly’ subpoena so that it can formalize the process of complying with the panel’s request,” Politico said.

“They have told us that they will provide the information pretty much when they have a subpoena. And we’ll get them a subpoena,” Cummings told reporters on Wednesday.

This comes after Cummings launched a probe into Trump’s finances. Republicans have attacked the probe as an effort to “solely embarrass President Trump and to advance the relentless Democrat attacks upon the Trump administration,” Politico reports.

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