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After Trump Issued His Threat to Hillary, His Audience Did Something AMAZING!

We all heard Donald Trumps disgusting and only slightly-veiled threat on Hillary Clinton’s life.  While we were cheering Elizabeth Warren’s response and rolling our eyes at Trump’s and what is left of his supporter’s rationalizations thereof, we may have missed something amazing happen.

Donald Trump held another rally that same day, and only 26 minutes into his most assuredly ridiculous speech, a massive group of people got up and WALKED OUT.

Here is a video one attendee posted to Twitter…

Politicus USA reported,  “The full backlash of Trump’s remarks is not yet known, but it is clear that the Republican nominee has crossed a line at the same time as more Americans are paying attention to the election. If people walked out on Trump 26 minutes into his usually disjointed and unfocused one man monolog because they realized that this guy isn’t fit to be president, it would be an encouraging moment for our country.”

This is indeed an encouraging moment. It looks like Trump finally crossed the line that we’ve all wondered existed or not.  Is this campaign finally circling the drain?

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