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Trump Jr. & Jared Kushner Indictment Fears Just Escalated in Washington, John Dean says: “I will be surprised if he’s not indicted.”

Things are really heating up around the Trump family as Special Counsel Robert Mueller gets closer to wrapping up his investigation. Even Fox News pundit Judge Andrew Napolitano admitted he thinks Donald Trump Jr. is going to be indicted. It’s clear to most everyone what’s about to happen, but now an expert has confirmed what we are all expecting.

John Dean, White House Counsel for Richard Nixon, played a major role in the Watergate cover up. Dean then ended up rolling on Nixon to prosecutors in order to save himself. He was on CNN this week and laid out his explanation as to why he thinks Donald Trump Jr. is about to be indicted.

Dean argued that Mueller hasn’t even bothered to call Junior in front of a grand jury, which means he’s not a witness, but rather a criminal target.

Dean also shared that he thinks Jared Kushner will be taken down as well. He said “I will be surprised if he’s not indicted.”

Dean also pointed out that Jared Kushner’s transition period interactions with Michael Flynn have already been exposed, thanks to Flynn’s plea deal. Kushner has already been thrown under the rug, so is fully expected an indicted for Kushner is coming as well.

While we all suspect these upcoming indictments, it’s interesting to hear it from a man who has lived through this before. So, a man from inside Watergate, a Fox News commentator, and a very large portion of all Americans know what’s about to happen next, and it’s going to be historic.

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