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Trump Just Landed Himself Yet ANOTHER Racist Endorsement…Who’s Next?

Those comparisons you’ve heard between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler may not be that far off after all.

Echoing former KKK Grand-Wizard David Duke’s statements about Trump being good for white supremacists, American Nazi leader Rocky Suhayda recently lauded the controversial presidential candidate for his racist positions that will provide a “real opportunity” for white-supremacy movements to build and expand, and prove that their views “are not so unpopular…as the political correctness crowd has told everyone they are.”

Unfortunately, the mass support of Donald Trump has confirmed that Suhayda is in part correct, in that his horribly disgusting racist views are not as unpopular as they should be.

Listen to the radio clip of Suhayda here:

So, GOP, now your candidate for president has been endorsed by a KKK Grand-Wizard and a Nazi leader, and has himself voiced admiration for Kim Jong Un, Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin.

Are these really the people we want our president to be associated with?  You can do better, Republican Party.  We can do better, America.

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