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Trump Just Sent Out This Email Begging Supporters For Money

Never has a current President in his first four months of office campaigned as hard as President Trump. Trump loves him some cheesy, ignorant, merchandise, which includes everything from tote bags to trucker hats, and apparently he wants to make sure people have one for everyday.

For the low price of $69 a month you can now receive a monthly “Big League Box” stuffed with all kinds of crap from the Trump-Pence campaign. Trump has been notorious for sending out emails to his base begging for money (even after winning the election), but this new maneuver just might that the cake for the most laughable scheme yet.

An email to their supporters said, “The President wanted to make sure you got this special offer.” It said this box has official and “vintage” merchandise with limited quantities, so sign up now!

Is this real life?!?!

CNN’s Betsy Klein shared this tweet in repsonse:

Let’s not forget Birchbox is on the struggle bus these days with two major layoffs in 2016. The great “businessman” Trump is taking ideas from a struggling business.

The $69 will go towards the President’s reelection campaign, but given that the election is 3 years away, what on earth do they need that for currently? Not to mention, when Trump gets impeached in the coming day, you can bet he’s keeping the money.

It’s hard to believe this pathetic ploy to take money from his supporters is even true, but it is. Hurry up y’all, you don’t want to miss out on your vintage Trump junk!

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