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Trump Looking at Possible Asset Seizure By Mueller While Still President, Says Legal Expert

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been building his case against Trump for the past several months and it’s become fairly evident that he’s potentially already got him for at least a few felonies. The list continues to grow, but obstruction of justice, money laundering and conspiracy against the U.S. are on the table for now. The only remaining question is, how exactly will it all go down?

There’s a lot of speculation about what exactly will happen from here, because there has never been anything quite like this in presidential history. Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal is the closest thing we have in terms of a precedent, which lead to him resigning when things got this bad for him.

Legal experts have been debating whether or not Mueller can even indict Trump while he’s in office and if he can put him on trial at all. The judicial system will have the final say, but it’s possible that Mueller will at least make Trump’s life very difficult while we await those decisions.

Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School was asked if Mueller could seize Trump’s assets while he’s still in office. His response was “I’ve not yet explored this, but I’d welcome those who are expert in RICO and other avenues for prosecuting corrupt organizations and freezing their assets to RT and explain. Even if a sitting POTUS were held unindictable, an open Q, his nest of companies could be a sitting duck.”

Sarah Smith – another legal expert who spent over 20 years in government ethics law – said that a new directive made by Trump’s Department of Justice makes it easier for prosecutors to seize assets before trial and before a conviction in criminal cases.

This will all have to be overseen by the judicial system, but Trump’s own administration may have just provided any easier way to seize Trump’s money in the process.

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