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Trump loses farmers’ vote: “I’ll never vote for him again”

CNN spoke with Farmers in Iowa regarding President Donald Trump’s trade war with China. Based on their feedback, it appears they are just about at wits end with his policies as they have done nothing but negatively affect their livelihood so far.

Some even went so far as to say they regretted voting for him in 2016 and that they won’t be doing so again.

Take Iowa farmer Larry Angler, for example, who said that Trump’s trade war along with recent flooding has put his family in jeopardy of losing more than $100,000 this year.

“I did [vote for him],” Angler told CNN.  “I’ll never vote for him again!”

Additionally, things have become so grim for fellow Iowa farmer Robert Ewoldt, that he told CNN he’s had to take a second job as a nighttime truck driver in order to keep his farm afloat.

“That’s what’s keeping this farm going,” he said.

When asked if he regretted his vote for Trump in 2016, Ewoldt said, “Yes.”

It doesn’t stop with those two farmers, either, as Iowa farmer Greg Beaman also spoke with CNN, stating that he has run out of patience waiting for Trump to deliver on his promise to reach a trade agreement with China that would grant American farmers access to the world’s largest market again.

“He better hurry up and start producing a little bit,” Beaman said. “Because so far, what I’m seeing, this negotiation has not panned out.”

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