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Trump Melts Down Further, Unveils Russian Conspiracy Theory Against Him

This week the Russian government lawyer that met with Trump Jr. at Trump Tower during the election admitted to NBC News that she’s a Russian government spy for years.

Natalia Veselnitskaya’s confession came after emails surfaced that indicated she once worked with Russia’s chief legal office. House Dems also released potential evidence that Trump spoke with Trump Jr. on the phone right before the meeting, as there was a block number who called that Republicans refused to investigate.

Trump is now accusing Russian President Vladamir Putin of framing him. In Michigan Trump accused Putin of planting the spy in the meeting just to make him look bad. His irrational and incoherent rant about Russian sanctions reached an all-time level of odd. He is now to the point where he’s accusing his pal of framing him.

During his Michigan rally on Saturday, Trump said, “I guarantee you, I’m tougher on Russia. Nobody ever thought. In fact, have you heard about the lawyer? For a year, a woman lawyer, she was like, ‘Oh, I know nothing.’ … Now all of a sudden she supposedly is involved with government. You know why? If she did that, because Putin and the groups said, ‘you know this Trump is killing us. Why don’t you say that you’re involved with government so that we could go and make their life in the United States even more chaotic.’ Look at what’s happened. Look at how these politicians have fallen for this junk. Russian collusion. Give me a break.”

Veselnitskaya’s story has continued to avoid direct answers about who she may work with or for, but the meeting with Trump Jr. has been very clear. They met to obtain intel on Hillary Clinton in exchange for a repeal of the Magnitsky Act. There’s also been suggestions that she reached out to them after the election to follow up on their meeting, despite the Trump family’s claims that never happened.

These unstable, incoherent rants are becoming the norm with Trump, but these latest outbursts seem to insinuate he’s spiraling faster than we thought.

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