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Trump melts down publicly after Democrats secure high-profile testimony

Former White House Counsel John Dean initially tried to help Richard Nixon cover up the Watergate scandal, but ultimately he sold out Nixon for his obstruction of justice crimes. He has first hand experience in dealing with the most famous case of obstruction of justice in history. Now the House Democrats have brought him in to testify about Donald Trump’s crimes.

Dean’s testimony aired live on multiple TV networks. He laid out in detail how Nixon illegally tried to use pardons to prevent his own people from testifying against him. That’s the very thing Trump has tried to do. Trump is not pleased about this testimony.

Trump posted an insane tweet just as the testimony began saying: “Can’t believe they are bringing in John Dean, the disgraced Nixon White House Counsel who is a paid CNN contributor. No Collusion – No Obstruction! Democrats just want a do-over which they’ll never get!”

Trump is clearly nervous that this testimony might make him look even more guilty in the eyes of the public and push him even closer to impeachment.

This isn’t the only trouble for Trump this week as Dean’s counterpart, former White House Counsel Don McGahn also came to testify publicly before Congress. The House Dems have already stated they are planning to hold McGahn in contempt of Congress for not having shown up yet. The courts would eventually make McGahn testify and Trump will have another issue to face. He’s getting thrown under the bus on all sides, so we can expect even more deranged tweets from him as we finish out the week.

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