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Trump Now Hit with Asset Forfeiture by Attorney General in New York

While Michael Flynn is dominating headlines, Trump is facing his own challenges. The Trump Foundation took a giant blow this week, but it seems to have stayed off the mainstream media’s radar for the most part. It is officially the asset forfeiture stage of Trump’s downfall.

The Trump Foundation has been ordered by the state of New York to sell off its remaining assets. There are only three remaining assets of this foundation, two of which are paintings of Donald Trump. Regardless, the Foundation is being forced to auction off its assets. This is a huge deal.

Washington Post points out that attorney general’s suit alleges that Trump used his charity’s money as his own piggy bank — including to help his presidential campaign by paying for giveaways at Iowa rallies.

“The Foundation was little more than a checkbook for payments to not-for-profits from Mr. Trump or the Trump Organization,” Underwood wrote in the initial suit.

The Post’s reporting showed that, for years, Trump appeared to use the foundation — which was, by law, an independent entity — to make payments that bolstered his interests.

The Trump Foundation may not be Donald Trump himself, but it’s run by him and his family. This is his organization. His assets are now being auctioned off because of an investigation into one of his many criminal scandals.

If assets are being seized from the Trump Foundation while Trump is still in the White House, that means his other assets in the Trump Organization or other entities are no longer off limits. Robert Mueller is building more evidence against Trump with each passing day and if he can prove that any asset was obtained illegally, Trump will lose them. Odds are high this is just the beginning of the Trump asset forfeitures.

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