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Trump Now Takes Dead Aim at Children with His Proposed Budget

Only 20th/21st Century American Republicans or cruel imbeciles (usually both) like Donald Trump could come up with a plan like this tax bill that hurts so many Americans at the expense of  making corporations and billionaires wealthier.

A new study reveals that Trump wants to cut funding for many Children’s education and healthcare programs to fund corporate tax breaks, a move that of course benefits the Trump name outside of politics, and probably inside politics because of his massive corruption and conflicts of interest.

The Urban Institute released on Tuesday an analysis that found the current proposed budget would reduce federal spending on education by 15 percent, children’s health care spending by 10 percent and spending on child-related nutrition by 9 percent.

“When you cut spending on children you’re putting our country’s future economic growth at risk,” said Julia B. Isaacs, author of the study. “You’re undercutting our commitment to helping every child succeed no matter what their background—this is a refutation of the American Dream.”

Newsweek reports:

The cuts to funding for children’s programs would help offset the estimated $1 trillion deficit the Trump tax plan would create. The GOP tax plan largely benefits corporations and corporate shareholders by lowering their tax rate to 20 percent from 36 percent.

Isaacs found the proposed $140 billion in cuts to children’s health care spending particularly alarming. The majority of the changes would be to Medicaid programs, specifically to health insurance coverage for low- and moderate-income children. These projections don’t include a potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act or a funding cut to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), meaning the monetary impact would likely be much higher.

The cuts of course don’t change the fact that many American children are in need of these programs:

“The cuts would not reflect a change in the needs of children. The population of children in the United States is projected to grow to 79.7 million in 2027 from 78 million in 2017. Nearly one in five children live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level, and the need for special-education and child welfare services is not projected to decline over the next decade.”

It’s time for America to end the Republican party.  It’s just not working out.

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