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Trump panics and talks about resigning and impeachment

Donald Trump declared that he would not resign from the presidency. “President Nixon never got there. He left. I don’t leave,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “There’s a big difference.” “You can’t impeach somebody when there’s never been a thing done wrong,” Trump said at the White House.

Trump would only say these things if he is feeling pressure to resign. The House Democrats have been working tirelessly for the last few months to get their ducks in a row and it appears they are now ready to put the wheels in motion to oust Trump. So, naturally he’s feeling the pressure.

The public House Judiciary Committee hearings were full of John Dean’s explanations of to why Trump’s crimes were reminiscent of the Nixon saga, followed by a couple of well respected prosecutors explaining how criminal these acts really were. This was basically the opening arguments in Trump’s impeachment proceedings. We can expect the next steps to play out in the coming days.

Then Attorney General William Barr sold out Trump in an effort to save himself from being held in contempt when he gave the House Dems access to Mueller report materials. The House Dems announced they plan to take civil contempt action against him anyway and then come down on Don McGahn for his hand in this mess as well. The House Intelligence Committee will hold public hearings later this week in the Trump-Russia counterintelligence probe.

The House Democrats are expected to continue fighting the crucial court battles to get their hands on even more evidence and testimony that will help build their case against Trump. We have entered the beginning stages of the Trump impeachment process and we are ready to watch how this all plays out in the coming days and weeks.

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