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Trump Puts Millions of Lives at Risk in Hurricanes, All Because of How Much He Hates Obama

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is completely obsessed with Barack Obama. Trump’s entire policy/legislative agenda as President seems to be “undo everything, even factually good things,that Obama did.”  It’s very clear that Trump is jealous of his predecessor for his success and popularity, and will stop at nothing to undo his amazing legacy.

Now that anti-Obama agenda is putting millions of lives at risk in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey devastating the Texas gulf-coast region.

After Hurricane Sandy in 2013, one of the deadliest storms in US history, Obama signed Executive Order 13653 preparing the United States for the impacts of climate change. The order comprised the government’s response to the rising effects of climate change and “leverages lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy and other recent storms, as well as future climate projections, to develop feasible, cost-effective strategies to reduce and manage extreme weather vulnerabilities amid the uncertainties of a changing climate.”

Obama also signed Executive Order 13690 in early 2015, requiring that “federally funded projects hew to a Federal Flood Risk Management Standard, to reduce the risk of future flood damage. Specifically, the order required that floodplains had to be based on the ‘best-available, actionable hydrologic and hydraulic data and methods that integrate current and future changes in flooding based on climate science.’”

Of course, Trump is undoing both of those executive orders.

Trump signed executive order 13653, rescinding the first of Obama’s EOs, and Newsweek explains the possible impact:

It seeks to cut 26 percent from NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, which supports data collection, climate and science, as well as research into more accurate weather forecasting models. The budget blueprint also would cut $513 million from NOAA’s satellite division, the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service, a 22 percent reduction.

Such cuts would cripple NOAA’s ability to keep afloat its satellites and data-gathering activities. That would not only affect the military but any business that relies on data and governments that have to plan how to handle snowstorms and hurricanes.

If you wondered before where Trump’s priorities were, wonder no longer: he is more hellbent on trying to destroy Obama’s legacy than helping millions of Texans in harm’s way. Loser.

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