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Trump Says The Stupidest Thing Ever in the History of Presidential Campaigns!

Are you terrified at the thought of Donald Trump and his thin-skinned, bullying temper being anywhere near the controls of a nuclear arsenal?  Well, you’re not even close to alone in that fear.

Esquire magazine just ran a profile of John Noonan, a top expert on nuclear warfare, who says that Donald Trump’s massive misunderstanding of nuclear weapons should be enough to completely disqualify him from president.

From Esquire:

This particular part really stands out:

Think of the world as a playground. Does the bully—the five-foot-tall third grader with a pituitary disorder—pick on the star athlete or the 60-pound weakling? They’re not going to punch the athlete in the nose because they’ll get socked right back, so they go for the weakling every time. In America’s case, we don’t just stand up to the nuclear-armed bullies—we also stick up for the weaker kids. Russia, to wit, could impose its will on the small Baltic democracies because Russia is big and they are small. It’s American resolve, backed by nuclear weapons, that keeps Russia in check. That’s what you call deterrence.

This is what I hear from Trump: that he wants to flip that equation and make the United States the bully. That is, We’re big and we have nukes and we can use them to kill terrorists in Raqqa and Mosul. Stop us if you dare. It’s how he’s run his businesses for decades: I can do whatever I want. In the business world, it was shady and unethical. In the national-security world, it’s downright dangerous.

I don’t think it’s empty talk either. His spokesperson said a few months ago, “what good is a nuclear triad if you can’t use it?” That could the [sic] stupidest thing ever said in the history of presidential campaigns, which puts it in the running for stupid thing ever said in the history of humanity.  Nuclear weapons are like an understanding between the athlete and the bully: You don’t screw with me and I won’t screw with you. It’s a way for the two biggest kids on the block to communicate with each other in no uncertain terms. That Trump allegedly believes that nukes are solutions to low-intensity problems like ISIS and Al-Qaeda is raw, unfiltered insanity.

What do you think?  Stupidest thing ever said in a presidential campaign?  I’m sure the other 9 in a top-10 list of stupidest things ever said in a presidential campaign were also said by Trump or someone who works for Trump, so how can when tell which tops the list?

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