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Trump Takes Away Major Life Resource For Veterans, 1.25 Million Helped To Date

Donald Trump’s complete and utter lack of respect for veterans was on full display during the campaign season, and now, in his first week as President, he is proving that lack of respect wasn’t just campaign talk.

After eliminating the White House website pages on LBGT rights, civil rights and climate change, the Trump team also removed the page for the Joining Forces program, a program put together by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden to help veterans and their spouses find jobs and transition from state to state as well as expand wellness services for them.

The Military Times explains:

“Over the last five years, Joining Forces has received more than 1.25 million hiring commitments for veterans and military spouses from its corporate partners. It also has helped broker legislation enabling spouses to transfer certifications across all 50 states.”

Joining Forces was a successful program with nearly universal bipartisan support. Rear Amiral Brad Cooper said the following about it:

“I can … also remember when we had only two states that had military spouse legislation [on career transferability]. Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden went to the governors meeting that year, and only ended up talking about military spouses. When you think about all the things they could have talked about, they chose just that one topic. They encouraged all the governors to pass legislation on that topic, and here we are today, with legislation in all 50 states.”

This is a complete stab in the back to the veterans Trump lied about supporting during his campaign. Donald Trump made it a cornerstone of his campaign to tell America that he supports veterans, as he literally praised them at every campaign stop.

However, Trump’s actions certainly show us otherwise. This likely further proves that the Trump administration is only concerned with making a political statement. If Joining Forces hadn’t been started by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, it would likely still be standing today.

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