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Trump’s Carrier “Deal” Proves To Be Giant $7 Million Scam To Taxpayers

On Thanksgiving, President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted the following:

This week, Trump announced he had made a deal with Carrier that would keep 1,000 jobs in the U.S., specifically Indiana.  The problem with this?  It’s mostly made up to make it seem like Trump is saving American jobs. explains the fuzzy math that proves Trump isn’t doing anything to save American jobs in this situation:

About 800 of the company’s manufacturing employees are being retained, Fortune Magazine reports. But Carrier had already agreed to keep 400 of those 800 workers nine months ago, says Indianapolis’ NBC affiliate WTHR, and in a March 2016 agreement that Trump had nothing to do with.

And, according to Fortune, “Some 1,300 jobs will still go to Mexico.” So not only does Trump’s claim of saving 1,000 jobs wind up to be very untrue, but we’re actually left with a negative-900 in the hole.

A different report shows that Trump may have been involved very little in the deal, other than using VP-Elect and current Indiana Governor Mike Pence to pay out a big fat bribe to Carrier to keep the jobs:

Trump announced that a deal had been struck, but again offered no further details, leaving us to wonder, just what standing or power exactly does the President-elect have to negotiate a deal with a private corporation—and on behalf of whom?

The details became clear this afternoon when The Hill reported what amounts to basically just another Republican corporate welfare scheme that was only made possible by the fact that Trump’s Vice-President, Mike Pence, happens to still be the Governor of Indiana and was thus able to dole out a nice little bribe of $7 million dollars for Carrier to keep jobs here.

So, just to clear this muddy water up a bit:  Donald Trump orchestrated a bribe through his VP-Elect’s office of Governor to make it look like he had saved 1,000 American jobs, when in fact, well over that number are still going to Mexico anyway.

The scams are going to continue non-stop until this guy is impeached. It is what he does. He is a con man and he will continue to con the American people as long as you let him.  He already conned you into making him President.

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