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Trump’s lawyer now preparing the way for scandal to be exposed

While speaking to various media outlets, it seems President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani may have provided some contradictory information regarding whether talks between Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller would continue.

Unfortunately for both Giuliani and Trump, CNN commentator Jeffery Toobin took notice, and in an interview with CNN’s Jim Acosta, he suggested that the words from the loose-lipped lawyer can only mean one thing: He must know that the truth about the president’s contact with Russia is on the cusp of being revealed.

“Giuliani also doubled down on the legality of having hacked information. What is he trying to do with that?” Acosta asked.

“I think he’s preparing for news that there was more contact between people affiliated with WikiLeaks and people in the Trump campaign,” Toobin replied.

“Now there was contact between people from WikiLeaks and people with the campaign, but it’s not a crime simply to know that other people were engaged in hacking. That’s true as far as it goes but what you need to know is a lot more facts to know if any crime took place,” he added. “But he does seem to be preparing the ground for disclosures that would be at least embarrassing for the president, if not actually illegal.”

Regardless of whether criminal activity occurred, if Toobin’s suspicion is true, this is huge development. Perhaps the investigation isn’t nearly the witch hunt some have made it out to be.

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