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Trump’s Lawyer Outs Him with a Document That Exposes Russia Cover Up

As we reported yesterday, Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen and Felix Sater were both working on a plan to build Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 presidential election, proving Trump was in fact in business dealings with Putin while running for president. If Trump had any amount of deniability left, ABC blew that out the window with their latest.

ABC reports that Trump signed a letter of intent to build Trump Tower in Moscow. This means he was the one who was orchestrating the entire thing. He can no longer claim Cohen and Slater were working on their own, especially since Cohen is the one who threw him under the bus.

Four months into his campaign for president of the United States, Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to pursue a Trump Tower–style building development in Moscow, according to a statement from the Trump Organization’s then–chief counsel, Michael Cohen.

The involvement of then-candidate Trump in a proposed Russian skyscraper deal contradicts repeated statements Trump made during the campaign, including telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that his business had “no relationship to Russia whatsoever.”

The disclosure from Cohen, who has described himself as Trump’s personal lawyer, came as Cohen’s attorney gave congressional investigators scores of documents and emails from the campaign, including several pertaining to the Moscow development idea.

Cohen is now cooperating with investigators and he is handing over key details. Cohen is confirming that there were at least three separate conversations about this plan for Trump Tower. Cohen is Trump’s longtime attorney, but clearly attorney-client privilege didn’t help Trump with this one. Now, Cohen has his own attorney and it’s clear he’s trying to protect himself.

The New York Times is reporting that Cohen reached out to Putin through his spokesman to make this deal happen. As the key communicator, we can only image what other details and proof he has on Trump. The damning evidence is bound to be enough to finally bring it all crashing down.

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