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Trump’s Lie Exposed: “There Is No GOP Obamacare Replacement And There Never Has Been”

At this point in Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s not shocking to see his willingness to go to great lengths in order to fulfill a campaign promise, even if it means doing harm to the American people. The latest example of this is illustrated by his bullish stance on health care and obsessive desire to repeal Obamacare, despite not having a sound replacement in place before doing so.

Of course, that’s not what he’d have the American public believe, as he continues claiming otherwise.

“If the Supreme Court rules that Obamacare is out, we’ll have a plan that is far better than Obamacare,” Trump told reporters in the White House Wednesday. Then on Thursday, he reiterated that in a tweet, touting the Republican party as the up and coming “party of healthcare.”

However, as Jeffrey Young of the Huffington Post writes in his article titled “There Is No GOP Obamacare Replacement And There Never Has Been,” those who “pay attention to the world around [them]” know the truth.

“Trump’s latest vow to reform the health care system is as bogus and disingenuous as all his others,” Young states.

Additionally, AP Fact Check has stepped in, taking a closer look at Trump’s claim regarding the Supreme Court, and it discovered that neither Republicans in Congress nor Trump’s Health and Human Services group have any type of plans to provide “far better health care than the Affordable Care Act.”

“Republicans may aspire to great health care but they don’t have a comprehensive plan for it. And there’s no indication that the White House, executive branch agencies like Health and Human Services, and Republicans in Congress are working on one,” writes the AP authors.AP further states that they have seen no indications that the Trump administration is even working on a plan, let alone has one.

Furthermore, Judge John Bates, a Bush appointee, has even chimed in on the matter with a ruling that states that any effort by this administration to introduce plans that don’t meet coverage rules under the ACA “is a deliberate and illegal ‘end run’ around the federal health care law,” because it includes what is referred to as “association health plans,” which typically offer lower premiums but offer substandard benefits.

In other words, not everyone blindly buys into the bologna Trump is trying to sell. Some people have been paying attention, and have even done a little homework. And instead of establishing itself as the party of Great Healthcare, it sounds like the Republicans are doing the exact opposite, by shaping into the party of little-to-no health care.

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