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Trump’s Michael Flynn scandal how now taken a very strange turn

On Friday, the Michael Flynn scandal took a rather interesting turn when William Barr and the Department of Justice informed Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan that they were defying his order and would not be turning over transcripts of the phone calls between Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador.

However, it appears that wasn’t even the half of it, as new documents obtained during Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation confirm that while Flynn was serving as senior adviser to Donald Trump, he took a half a million dollars from the government of Turkey during the election.

Per Politico:

“A foreign client paying retired Gen. Michael Flynn more than $500,000 to mount a campaign to advance Turkish government interests during the 2016 presidential campaign explicitly complained to a Flynn aide that then-candidate Donald Trump was not being supportive enough, newly released documents show.”

The timing is key here, folks, because as you can see, this occurred while Donald Trump was running for president, and while Michael Flynn was serving as one of his most trusted campaign advisers. However, the wording is perhaps more important because it notes that the Turkish government “complained” to Flynn in writing that Trump wasn’t supporting its interests enough. Say what you will about Flynn being in the middle of this, but it certainly doesn’t look good for Trump.

Considering William Barr and his DOJ have already shown a willingness to turnover certain Michael Flynn transcripts that could potentially incriminate his former attorney John Dowd, it’s safe to say they’ve realized just how bad this looks for Trump. As a result, they have drawn a line in the sand with their latest stunt, defying the judge’s orders in order to protect the president, and risking contempt of court in the process. For their sake, I hope it’s worth it.

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