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Trump’s Motorcade Forced to Stop in Streets From Wall of Protesters

Trump hasn’t been able to catch a break in ages. His approval rating is dismal and his campaign chairman is under house arrest. Michael Flynn just cut a plea deal to testify against him in the Russian scandal and now his finances are under investigation.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I’m sure he enjoyed a good public slap to the face, which is exactly what he got earlier this week when a White House pool report said “Trump motorcade runs into a ‘wall of protesters’ signs include ‘Trump, a monumental mistake,’ ‘Tiny Hands off our lands,’ and many chanting ‘F**K You Trump!’”

Trump can’t even leave his house without people publicly yelling obscenities at him.

This is the same man who’s been so upset about his approval rating that he’s been tweeting fake poll numbers and holding campaign rallies so he can hear what’s left of his fan base cheering for him. He can’t handle knowing that most of America can’t stand him. People directly yelling mean things at him could not have been taken well.

This psychological game these protesters are playing with him have the potential to push him over the edge entirely. If he continues to be cursed out everywhere he goes, he will crack and it will probably be more dramatic than any of his Twitter rants. His staff must be scrambling to hide stuff like this from him, but when they block his motorcade in the streets, that can’t really be hidden.

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