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Trump’s own aides discuss his “rage” as reaction to Mueller

According to CNN’s Abby Phillip, there was a mood of apprehension at the White House, as they awaited the release of the Mueller Report.

Even though AG Barr, a clear Trump ally and enabler and protector, has spent weeks redacting the report, and sharing it with the White House before Congress and the public, Trump’s White House aids are afraid that the giddy mood that saw Trump taking a likely premature victory lap over the Mueller turning the report over to the DOJ will turn into what can only be described as “rage” once it is made public.

Trump claims total “exoneration” by Robert Mueller’s investigation, yet his own aides are afraid that the report being released publicly will contain damaging and embarrassing information.

“White House aides are waiting for this report, just like we are, anticipating it will contain nitty-gritty details that will become very problematic for President Trump,” she said. “The president has been saying publicly and privately that he thinks the report ultimately will exonerate him on collusion and obstruction, but aides are worried about what it might say about how he conducts business here in this White House.”

Phillip also explained that sworn testimonies from Trump’s aides about his embarrassing behavior can’t be chalked up as “fake news” when they come from his aides’ sworn testimony.

“These people are worried that the president’s mood about this report might change the minute that it becomes public,” she said. “It will be challenging, these aides believe, for the White House to deny these stories or call them a mischaracterization of what’s going on.”

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