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Trump’s Own Party Issues WARNING To The Entire Nation…Hillary Was Right!

In the middle of what could be the worst stretch of Donald Trump’s nightmarish presidential campaign, The New York Times may have escalated the slump yesterday by reporting that 50 of the nation’s top GOP national security officials have signed a letter informing the American public that they believe Donald Trump “lacks the character, values and experience” to be president and that electing him “would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”

The most damning passage of the letter warns that Trump “would be the most reckless president in American history.”

Here is an excerpt from the letter…

Read the letter in it’s entirety HERE:

The fact that these 50 officials, all Republican, have pledged they will not vote for Trump, should be just another sign that the Republican candidate is losing ground rapidly, even within the party that nominated him.  Unfortunately, it likely won’t be convincing enough to a lot of Trump’s most rabid supporters, who wouldn’t turn on him if he shot his own mother.

Not only has Hillary Clinton won over a good majority of democrats previously throwing their support to Bernie Sanders, now she’s gaining the support of a large chunk of prominent Republicans.

This report, in addition to the dumpster fire that Trump created last week, could signal that this campaign could soon crash and burn for good. That can’t happen soon enough.

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