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Trump’s Stormy Daniels Scandal Takes Unexpected Turn with Physical Evidence

Porn actress Stormy Daniels may have more than just her story to back up her claims that she was paid off to cover up an affair with popular vote loser Donald Trump.

New reports have surfaced that allege Daniels has a stained dress, a la Monica Lewinsky, that she has kept for years to support her claims should it ever become public. And boy has it ever become public.

According to the Daily Mail:

Sources told the publication the sparkly dress has been kept in pristine condition since Daniels said she partied with Trump in a hotel room in Lake Tahoe.

Now that her attorney says Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen has violated a nondisclosure agreement between them, Daniels believes she is free to talk about her involvement with Trump, her lawyer says.

Stormy Daniels is reportedly ready to spill the beans on her alleged relationship with President Trump, according to The Blast, as her lawyers contend Trump attorney Michael Cohen breached the gag agreement after he disclosed that he had paid out the sum of money himself

The publication also published an image of the gold dress, which it labeled as ‘Stormy’s dress.’ The report says Daniels plans to have it forensically tested for skin, hair or other material.

You may remember Republicans in the 90s using Monica Lewinsky’s infamous stained blue dress in their quest to impeach Bill Clinton.  They were, of course, relentless and insatiable in their quest to oust the Democratic President.  Many of those same congressmen still hold their seats today – think they’ll use this to impeach Trump?

Not a chance. That would, of course, require things like backbone, testicles and any sense of moral/ethical standards whatsoever.

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