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Trump’s Veteran Donation SCAM Just Got Slapped with a Federal Investigation!

This week keeps going from bad to worse for the Trump campaign, and if this newest report has any truth to it, Trump could find himself in hot water with both the IRS and the Federal Election Commission.

The Daily Beast is reporting that government watchdog organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)  is filing a formal complaint with the IRS alleging that the Trump Foundation, which holds tax-exempt status as a non-profit group, has been acting illegally as a slush-fund to help the flailing campaign.

“Tax-exempt organizations like the Trump Foundation—of which Trump is the president—are strictly prohibited from engaging in political activity.”

“The Trump Foundation appears to have violated this prohibition by participating in Mr. Trump’s campaign and advocating for Mr. Trump’s nomination and election,” Noah Bookbinder, CREW’s executive director, said in the complaint.

The Daily Beast went on to report, “In January, Trump pledged $6 million—which was never completely accounted for—to charities that work to help military veterans after the candidate skipped a Fox News primary debate over an ongoing feud with Megyn Kelly. The money raised at an event the same night as the debate went to the Trump Foundation instead of directly to the charitable organizations, and the checks were doled out in the succeeding months.”

“Those checks unquestionably communicated the Trump for President’s campaign slogan, and in the context of a campaign rally designed to advocate for Mr. Trump’s nomination and at which Mr. Trump spoke, the use of the slogan can have no reasonable meaning other than to urge his election,” CREW’s complaint says.

If true, trouble with the IRS and FEC would only compound a rough week for Trump’s campaign that saw 50 Republican national security officials join a host of other prominent GOP officials to denounce Trump, and saw the controversial candidate lose support for his harsh criticism of a fallen war hero’s family, simply because the hero happened to be Muslim and his father dared to criticize Trump.

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