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Trump’s Watergate Just Exploded, “Impossible to See Trump Still Being POTUS”

The big news over the weekend is that there is now proof that members of the Donald Trump team, his son Donald Jr. specifically, colluded with Russia operatives.  Trump Jr. admitted that he had previously lied about a meeting with a Russia operative that had damaging information about Hillary Clinton.  In March, he claimed there was no such meeting. Saturday, he lied about the content of the meeting. Sunday, he admitted the intent was to damage Clinton’s campaign.

Daddy Trump, as per his MO, has already thrown Trump Jr. under the bus and claimed he had no knowledge of the meeting.  Seth Abramson took to Twitter in a massive thread to show why that’s a total lie. There is no way the President didn’t know about the meeting:

So we now know beyond any doubt that team Trump colluded with Russia to swing the election in his favor. As Mueller and co. continue to dig, we can all watch the dominoes fall and the this national nightmare come to a end.

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