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Turns out Lindsey Graham and John McCain worked together against Trump In Russia scandal

Although Donald Trump and his allies have been desperately trying to control the narrative of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, claiming that others ‘framed’ him, with House Democrats and the media now calling for its public release, it appears they’re now panicking and resorting to old story lines and tactics in hopes of keeping the narrative intact.

Like me, you may be asking yourself what they could possibly do at this point to retain what little bit of control they have left in the matter. Well, based on the evidence at hand, it appears the only thing they believe they can do is dig through the archives and go back to accusing the late Republican Senator John McCain of having been in on the plot to frame him, all because he obtained a copy of the Steele dossier after the 2016 election and delivered it to the FBI for investigation.

Unfortunately for Trump, the narrative may be officially squashed once and for all, all thanks to Senator Lindsey Graham. According to CNN, Graham admitted that when John McCain first got his hands on the Steele dossier, he consulted with Graham about what to do. Surprisingly, Graham said that he advised McCain to give it to the FBI.

Ouch. You see, while Graham has certainly displayed an unprecedented level of loyalty to Donald Trump recently, it appears his decades-long loyalty to John McCain was given the priority here. And the end result puts Trump in a tough spot, especially if he wishes to continue to pitch his “witch hunt” narrative regarding the election scandal with Russia.

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