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Two Republicans Close to White House Say, “It’s not a matter of if Trump will try to fire Mueller, it’s When”

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is torn over how he should handle the situation revolving around his potential meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

According to Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition (and frequent MSNBC contributor), sources are telling him Trump is more or less ready with his plan to fire Mueller:

“Two Republicans close to the White House just told me Trump is not going to sit down with Robert Mueller. They add that he is still trying to figure out the right timing to fire Mueller. It’s not a matter of IF he will try to fire Mueller, it’s WHEN. Trump “already has a plan.” ”

Of course, Donald is so narcissistic that deep down he wants to sit down with Robert Mueller. He literally believes he can beat him.

This CNN piece  explains 4 reasons why, which postures that Trump, deep down, wants to do the sit down interview with Mueller for various reasons:

1. This special counsel probe makes Trump insane. It irritates him. It wears on him. He wants it over yesterday. And he knows that the best — and maybe only — way for that to happen is for him to give Mueller what the former FBI director wants: An interview.

2. Trump believes he has nothing to hide. Even as the guilty pleas from Trump campaign associates have piled up, Trump has been absolutely adamant that he took part in “no collusion” with the Russians and has zero to hide. And I believe he believes that. (No one really knows, of course.) Given all of that, why not sit down with Mueller?

3. Trump is supremely confident in himself. Remember that Trump believes himself to be one of the great salesmen and persuaders of all time. He thinks he can convince anyone of anything. That includes Mueller — especially because so many Washington types, who Trump almost reflexively distrusts, tout the former FBI director as one of the brightest and most serious people in the country, which makes Trump want to convince him all the more.

4. Trump likes the idea of a one-on-one faceoff. Trump loves drama. He loves the idea of staring someone down across a board room table, taking their measure and emerging triumphant. This is how Trump views everything in life — tests of mettle. This one — the President vs. the special counsel — is so Trumpian it’s impossible for Trump not to want to do it.

Whatever happens with Mueller, Trump is clearly overconfident.  There’s no chance he can outsmart Mueller and any lies he tells will be so transparent that Mueller will know instantly.

If he just finally fires Mueller, he’s creating a political storm like this country hasn’t seen in decades, and besides that, Mueller getting fired doesn’t mean the investigation is over – there are lots of investigators working on this case that would continue to do so.

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