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Washington Panics as Mueller Witness Shows Him a Storage Locker Full Over Evidence

On a day when the majority of headlines were flooded by the FBI raid against Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, it was easy to miss out on Special Counsel Robert Mueller gaining a new key witness in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Although swept aside, this news is huge, as it could lead to the unraveling of the investigation and hopefully gets the special counsel one step closer to getting to the bottom of the scandal.

While the name of Mueller’s new witness has been redacted in the court filings and yet to be publicly disclosed, he is said to be a former employee of Paul Manafort and has already begun cooperating with Mueller.

The Daily Beast reports that Paul Manafort has new trouble thanks to one of his former employees who led an FBI agent to a storage locker filled with paperwork on Manafort’s businesses and finances.

Manafort’s attorneys are now panicking about the second Manafort employee’s revelation to the FBI, as they are trying to block the documents found in the storage locker in from being used as evidence against him.

The attorneys say the employee violated Manafort’s Fourth Amendment rights, claiming they didn’t have the authority to let the FBI agent look into the storage unit.

Considering Robert Mueller already has a ton of evidence stacked against Manafort, he likely doesn’t need this new witness to take him down.

After all, it was recently revealed in a court filing that he informed Manafort’s sidekick Rick Gates he didn’t need any help in doing so.

Instead, this new witness is so important because of his knowledge of what’s in those documents in the storage locker. And with Paul Manafort and Donald Trump’s longstanding financial ties in mind, including Manafort’s apartment in Trump Tower, it’s fair to assume whatever they contain will incriminate more than just Paul Manafort.

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