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What Elizabeth Warren Just Said To Trump About Hillary’s Death Threat, EVERYONE Needs To Hear!

Of the many, many angry responses to Donald Trump’s asinine comments about the 2nd Amendment and Hillary Clinton yesterday, Trump’s old Twitter nemesis Elizabeth Warren may have had the best and most stinging.

Trump’s supporters are using the “he’s was just joking” excuse, but Elizabeth Warren is not buying it!

Here is what Elizabeth Warren just said…

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 7.32.40 PM

It’s of course no secret that Donald Trump is a pathetic coward who hates strong, successful women like Warren and Clinton.  It must be particularly hard for Trump to realize how badly he’s losing to one of those strong, successful women, too.

Polls show Clinton with an increasingly strong lead on Trump, which must be why he decided to suggest that someone should shoot her to keep her from getting elected and appointing her Supreme Court Justices.

Trump has made it clear that in his world, women are objects and symbols of wealth, and not strong, capable leaders.  Here’s hoping Hillary Clinton shows Donald Trump what it’s like to lose to a girl by utterly humiliating him on the first Tuesday in November.

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