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White House Now Has a Jared Kushner Scandal to Deal With

It’s pretty obvious why Donald Trump has been publicly backing former White House aide Rob Porter in light of his domestic abuse scandal. After all, Trump has his own “alleged” history of assaulting women (sexually), so it makes sense that by defending Porter, he’s also defending himself. However, it’s been difficult to understand why Trump and his White House went to such great lengths to retain Porter on staff. That is, until now. And it has everything to do with defending Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

You see, because of the accusations and evidence against him, Rob Porter just couldn’t seem to obtain permanent security clearance. And while the White House could have shown him the door once his temporary clearance expired, they didn’t. Why? Because Jared Kushner has also been struggling to obtain his permanent security clearance thanks to his secret meetings with the Russians, and because both he and Ivanka failed to disclose those secret meetings on their security clearance forms.

Can you imagine the controversy had the White House canned Porter for not being able to obtain his clearance, yet retained Kushner for the same thing?

Bill Palmer sums it up perfectly: Because Donald Trump and his White House are such incompetent villains, the Porter story received even more attention and scrutiny. Porter has resigned, so the story is about to stop being about him, and start being about the failed coverup and the hijinks with security clearances. In other words, this is now a Jared Kushner scandal, and by extension an Ivanka Trump scandal. She failed to disclose Kushner’s meetings on her own security clearance forms. Their White House jobs are now both on the line. Can Donald Trump afford to keep them around? He certainly can’t afford to fire his own family.

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