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Why does Trump’s rant smell like another coverup?

Donald Trump had another meltdown this week and while no one is surprised, this one may have been the most telling of all. This time his issue was with the Robert Mueller report. During his rant, he made an oddly specific denial that was very telling.

Trump tweeted “I have not read the Mueller Report yet, even though I have every right to do so. Only know the conclusions, and on the big one, No Collusion. Likewise, recommendations made to our great A.G. who found No Obstruction.”

Anytime Trump says he hasn’t done something that no one has accused him of, he is often lying. Trying to get ahead of the story and saying he hasn’t read the report has really just let everyone know he has.

Perhaps he has read the entire thing, the entire 400 pages of it. Although, knowing Trump, that is hard to believe. He can’t be bothered to read briefing memos, so surviving 400 pages seems too hard for him. That means someone has had to have told him the details of the report or at least shortened versions.

If Barr has given the report to someone in the White House to “brief” the President, that’s felony obstruction of justice. It’s also interesting that Trump seems upset by whatever he has been told. They could have told him just how bad the report is for him or tried to protect him, but either way Trump could be working with Barr when it comes to this report which raises all kinds of red flags. As with most major crimes, the coverup is what always gets them in the end.

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