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You Didn’t Notice It, But Trump Urged Voters To Commit ANOTHER Crime Against Hillary!

Just when you think Donald Trump couldn’t possibly say anything dumber, wronger, more should-be-illegal, more racist, more sexist, more thin-skinned, more low brow…BOOM! He’s really just the gift that keeps on giving.

Compounding his most recent controversy of urging supporters to “take care of Hillary Clinton,” yesterday Trump urged supporters at a North Carolina rally to commit voter fraud.  Does this moron not have an off switch?

Here is a direct quote from the Trumpster himself:

So, and by the way, and by the way, voter ID. What’s with voter ID? Why don’t we have voter ID? In other words, I wanna vote. Here’s my identification. I wanna vote. As opposed to somebody coming up and voting fifteen times for Hillary. Well, I won’t tell you to vote fifteen times. I will not tell you to do that. Ok? You won’t vote fifteen times, but people will. They will vote many times.

So, Trump won’t encourage voter fraud, right?  Seems to be about the same way he didn’t really encourage his supporters to shoot Hillary Clinton, doesn’t it?

Of course we all, including, no, especially Donald Trump, know Trump supporters will hear this as a call to commit voter fraud.  What they’ll hear is “Trump said Hillary’s people will commit voter fraud, so we should too.”

We all know voter fraud barely even exists anyway. It was made into a big issue (or rather, invented out of thin air) by Republicans looking to make it harder for people to vote.  Harder for people who would vote democrat to vote, anyway.

This is just the latest in a long line of desperate attempts by Trump to prove he was cheated out of the presidency.  He’s losing. His campaign is bleeding out.  He knows it. We all know it.  So now he’s being a sore loser before he’s officially lost.

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